Short Term Rental Project - Your Planning Guide

The Home Feels project planning guide walks you through the typical steps for transforming your property into a memorable short term rental.

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Home Feels services are flexible and tailored to your needs. You may require our expertise with all 6 Planning, Design and Function steps to get your Airbnb ticking over at its best, or just a few of them. Either way, we’re here to help.

Maybe you’ve already nailed your design, and need expert guidance on guest care services to consistently earn those 5 star reviews. Or perhaps you’re looking to spruce up your space with our design and staging expertise, while your Airbnb operations continue to run smoothly. Some properties may need a complete makeover with structural improvements, while others simply need a fresh perspective to boost bookings.

You might find it helpful to check out our Scenarios page to see where your ideas sit in the scheme of things.

Regardless of your starting point, we will be excited to assist you in getting your property market-ready!

Design phase

With short term rentals, design serves as the visual gateway to a remarkable guest experience. Crafting an appealing aesthetic is the initial step in attracting and retaining guests.

The design of your short term rental needs to harmonise with with the property’s purpose and clientele, intertwining functionality and style. Consider, for example, whether your rental caters to families seeking relaxation by the beach, out-of-town guests enjoying a local concert, or corporate travellers in need of a comfortable workspace. Impractical design can lead to guest dissatisfaction and negative reviews, while also adding to your running costs if easily worn out or broken furnishings need replacing.

A thoughtful marriage between design and purpose is paramount to ensure that the ambience and amenities resonate with your guests.

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Function phase

Once you have crafted an inviting design that caters to your guests’ needs and aligns with your property’s purpose, the next step is to ensure that your space services guests seamlessly. This involves implementing well thought out functional logistics, guaranteeing a smooth, compliant and profitable operation for both guests and host.

The Function phase demands meticulous attention to detail encompassing various aspects, including:

  • property and guest management
  • platform readiness with compelling descriptions and photos
  • cleaning
  • maintenance and staging values with checklists
  • optimising guest experience
  • ensuring legal and financial compliance
  • prioritising safety and security
  • fostering 5-star reviews
  • continuously refining areas while remaining prepared to handle any emergency.

Dedicating your time and effort to fine-tuning these functional logistics will empower you to secure glowing reviews while establishing a well-oiled, sustainable operation that allows you to genuinely enjoy your short term rental.

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