Hosting Startup Kits

No matter the guest, everyone deserves top-of-the-line linens or cutlery that make them and their stay feel extra special. Home Feels Hosting Startup Kits are a fun and stylish way to prepare for welcoming your first guest, providing you with the key household essentials carefully selected and provided in one easy delivery. These kits take away the hassles of figuring out what you need, where to purchase everything, and having it all arranged in time.

We currently offer three hosting startup kits designed around your target guests. Have you considered whether you are welcoming professionals or holiday makers, those with children or without, whether there’s inside and outside dining, etc? Our planning process will help you identify your target audience and the logistics involved in creating a 5-star holiday space.

We will help you determine what your “best client group” will need, the number of items and to what rating. You can then simply choose your hosting startup kit and we will quote it back to you and have it delivered in a timely manner, ready to put the finishing touch to your Airbnb service.

Kitchen package

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether your holiday home is set up for one guest or eight, everything from coffee, oil, wine glasses or plastic mugs becomes key to helping your guests relax and enjoy your space.

Select from the list below and let us know what quality you would prefer: designer or popular, and we will provide you with everything your guests need to feel right at home.

Please complete the form below, and we’ll quote your itemised package back to you:

Linens package

Depending on who you will invite to manage your Airbnb and if you plan to enjoy your space in between guests, you will need:

  • Two sets of linens per bed – pillow cases, duvets, bed protectors, waterproof protectors, throws and styling extras.
  • Towels, beach towels, hand towels, tea towels.
    We can recommend reasons for wise colour choices, quantities and quality.

Please complete the form below, and we’ll quote your itemised package back to you:

Outdoor dining package

It’s vital that your supplies cater for your outdoor space if your guests are able to use it for dining, relaxing etc. There is nothing worse than constantly having to replace broken glasses and plates that easily get damaged if they are not suitable for the outdoors.

Please complete the form below, and we’ll quote your itemised package back to you:

Home Feels offers you a free 1-hour consultation, in person or online, to discuss your Airbnb conversion. Following this, we provide several options for further engagement to help you accomplish your goals.

Check out the Home Feels project planning guide that walks you through the typical steps for transforming your property into a 5-star Airbnb.

Kitchen Startup Kit

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    Linen Startup Kit

      Name the size and number of beds in your Airbnb

      Couch bed (not recommended, please talk to us as to why, we’d love to help).


      Outdoor Dining Package


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