Designing and Decorating Your Holiday Property

Home Feels combines industry knowledge of Airbnb function with a flair for design to create a holiday property that your guests will trust and be wowed by. We will help you create the overall look and feel of your space with the right mix of decorating, design and functionality.

For the design and decoration phase, we will discuss with you the overall theme you want, then execute the plan with the decoration of hard surfaces, design of soft furnishings, lighting and/or accents.

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Holiday property design

You want your space to tell a story. Knowing what category your holiday property occupies is how you will write the story and ultimately design your space. Do you want to host corporate people, beach-goers, families or couples? These questions will have been addressed when we planned your project.

The design needs to be consistent with how your guests will use the space. Employing one theme and style throughout the entire space can be most effective, while creating “moments” in each room will keep it feeling unique.

Design includes addressing decisions such as does your bach need a dedicated work space, sun and sand resistant furniture, or wash-friendly dining chairs for kids? We will help you think through your design decisions and plan key purchases so that your space is right on point for your guests and their 5-star reviews.

Design and function need to come together so the space works well for you as well as your guests. You don’t want to be running a high-maintenance holiday rental. Replacing broken cheap furniture or frayed cushions after every stay is both expensive and time consuming.


Target guest: business, casual, beach, children, couples, many or few guests
Use: entertaining, relaxing, inside and out, multiple use
Mood: formal, casual, fun, bold …

Decorating your holiday property

Your overall design look and feel will be carried through all renovation or decoration work.

Hard surfaces such as floors, ceilings, walls and built-in furniture will be the key areas to address so your soft furnishings work well with their surroundings and vice versa. You want one story throughout your property. Depending on budget, you can choose a light or heavy makeover of these areas. 

Colours, texture and the level of finish will be significant factors influencing whether your guests feel value in their stay. You want them to know they have landed somewhere special. 

We can determine at phase one of project design the most valuable decoration changes to make so your space has a consistent and welcoming design. 


Style: new, historical, modern, character, beach, contemporary
Mood: formal, casual, fun, themed, bold …
Most pressing areas to decorate: floors, walls, ceilings, built-ins, features, roof and fences

Home Feels offers you a free 1-hour consultation, in person or online, to discuss your holiday property transformation. Following this, we provide several options for further engagement to help you accomplish your goals.

Check out the Home Feels project planning guide that walks you through the typical steps for transforming your holiday property into a 5-star Airbnb.